Crafts for Older Kids – Handmade Magic The Gathering Tokens

Our kids are getting older! The twins are now 11, and our youngest is 6. I haven’t posted here in quite awhile, but we’ve actually been as busy as ever creating all kinds of projects.

Along with art, one of our favorite family activities is playing games. We love Catan, Sushi Go, and No Thanks, but our favorite by far is Magic the Gathering, which is an amazing strategy card game.

One thing my son and I love doing is making custom game pieces (tokens, dice, etc), that complement our Magic the Gathering decks, giving them a little handmade style. So if you or your kids happen to play Magic, then take a look below!

Note: Magic The Gathering has quite a steep learning curve, but it’s a very exciting brain workout. I also love supporting the artists, designers, and writers who create it. And it’s paper, so it’s recyclable!

Treasure Tokens:

First off, are treasure tokens. You can buy treasure token cards, but these compact homemade gold tokens are super fun to play with. They’re also very easy to make! (See below)

Thick paper (any card stock will do)
Gold paint (I use Liquitex acrylic iridescent bright gold)
Scissors or 1.5 inch paper circle cutter

1 – Paint paper with gold paint
2 – After paint is dry, cut paper into strips (about 1 3/4 inches wide)

3 – Cut out circles using scissors or paper circle cutter

4 – Spend your treasure!
You can also use this technique to make dinosaur tokens etc.

Wood Tokens:

We also really like making wooden tokens with the scroll saw and wood burner. Just cut out any thin scraps of plywood into circles, sand the edges, and wood burn your designs onto them.

These tokens are for the Garruk Planeswalker. They have a Creature Beast on one side, and a Creature Wurm on the other. We also made some wooden 6 sided counters to keep track of Planeswalker loyalty points.

Tetzimoc Prey Counters:

Lastly, there’s a new card called Tetzimoc which can mark creatures with prey tokens. However, Wizards of the Coast didn’t make any prey counter tokens for it. So rather than just using bath beads etc, we decided to make our own. I actually emailed Wizards of the Coast and got their permission to share a free printable. So scroll down to print your own counters if you’d like!

Happy gaming!

Click on the image below, then print!
There are lots of extra per sheet, so you can cut some out for your friends too!