Experiment, Meditate, and Enjoy – Kid’s Zen Pea Gravel Patio

Over the summer we got a family pass to the Portland Japanese Garden. Our son found a cool miniature Zen garden toy at the gift shop. Inside was a beautifully written pamphlet explaining Zen meditation, and how raking and caring for your rock garden can be a great way to clear your mind and attain a quiet focus.

We recently covered our bark dust area with pea gravel by our back patio. We had also recently broken an old stilt that the kid’s great grandfather had made for their grandpa when he was a kid. So I thought turning the stilt into a rock rake would be a fun way to keep it.

Japanese style rock rakes are a very simple, but clever design. We just used our scroll saw and some scrap wood, then attached it to the stilt with two screws. Then added a cross bar of wood for strength.

The kids love going out to create new designs and arrangements with the rake. Then after they’re finished, they can have a peaceful spot to relax, or finish their homework :)