Cooking is still one of little E’s favorite things to do. We’ve been getting so much milage out of the miniature kitchen set, that I decided to make a little pizza oven for her. In the last 24 hours I’ve “eaten” about 50 pizzas. After she puts the pizza in the oven and closes the door, she sometimes turns to me and says, “It’s hard to wait daddy.” Fortunately felt pizzas bake pretty fast.

It was also very fast to make the toy. Just a few cuts with scissors on the shoebox, some scraps of felt for the pizza, then one more piece of cardboard to cut out the pizza peel. I’ll give a few notes with some of the photos below for more instruction details.

Happy baking!

I traced around a bowl on some felt to cut out the pizza circle. I’m going to make a few more too. Then I used more felt for the other ingredients. The cheese is just quickly cut strips of yellow felt as well. My son is planing to create more toppings after school. Nice!

The pizza peel is just cut from a spare cardboard box using scissors. I made it small enough to fit into the box so the whole set can be packed up for travel or storage.

The oven knobs are just two cut out pieces of cardboard. I painted and poked holes in them, then attached them to the box lid using a couple of brads. You could also probably use twisty ties.


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  1. you are a genius!!
    this is a great idea! my kids will love this pizza set, like they love your coloring sheets.
    thanks for all the ideas you share with us (we have also your book : )

    mybonnetbee (from italy)

  2. Mada

    This is great!

    I’m so glad when I find beautiful and simple DIY toys :)

    Cork and cardboard toys are favorite around our house and I can assure you that they last and last! The felt we haven’t used much but now is a great opportunity to give it a try.
    Thank you for your creativity and generosity!!

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  4. This is such a great idea! My 4 year old loves helping with dinner and baking but it’s not always convenient or safe. I’m going to try this out next weekend.



  5. I’ve just spent the last 1/2 hour scrolling through your crafts – THANK YOU for so generously sharing them with us, printables included!!! I have a very crafty little 5 year old boy who is going to LOVE these ideas. First on the list will be the copterman, paper circus guy, sling shot, tumble bunnies….and it will continue :) Anyway just wanted to say thanks for sharing!

  6. My son enjoys these kind of kitchenware and has got a lot of fun playing with all of them.
    There are a few nicks within the fresh paint
    but that is because of way of hurt in 2 years. It’s been a great addition for the girl imaginary perform

  7. […] Ill provide a some notes with a few of the photos under for more instruction details. Happy cooking! I traced around a bowl about some felt to cut out the pizza round. Im going to create a limited more too. Then I used more felt for the different elements. The cheese is merely swiftly cut strips of yellow felt because well. My son is planing to create more toppings following school. cookware […]