Paper City Nativity Scene (Joyfully Expanded!)

After making the Paper City Nativity Scene last year, I received many requests for additions. So without further ado, here is the new version which includes two shepherds, a standing angel, three chickens, two lambs, one extra sheep, and an ox. I hope you and your kids have fun with it!

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Happy Holidays!

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All templates, including the new one, are below. Click on the images and print!

46 Responses
  1. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My daughter loves her paper Paris and this is a great alternative to playing with the breakable Nativity set we have. :-)

  2. Tom Clark

    This is wonderful! It reminds me of a Best Make-It Book Ever by Richard Scarry which is, sadly, out of print. There was a whole section called busy town that you could cut out and stand up, with little cars, etc. little grocery bags and pieces of fruit and vegetables. Also, there was a “tv” you could make out of paper. A paper box, with slits, and a strip of paper with lots of pictures that told a story. You would wind the paper around two straws, threading it through the box and “watch” your little movie. Hard to explain…But anyway, THANK YOU for your creative, simple designs that remind me of my childhood that I am now sharing with my children!

    1. Thanks everyone!

      Thanks Tom! Wow, I somehow have never seen that Richard Scarry book with the cutouts, but it sounds right up my alley for sure! I’ll have to try searching for it!

  3. We are from Costa Rica. I used your work a lot as a Teacher. Now, we are going to meet a few families, read a small story about Jesus to the little ones a have a table fuul of glitter, glue, sand…it will be a day to remember. Thanks again.

  4. Hilary

    Thank you so much for the freebies. They are so fantastic. This sounds silly but I was so happy and relaxed looking at your site. This will be a great homeschooling resource for my kids. Thank you!

  5. Sarah B

    What a beautiful craft…perfect for our cold rainy weekend!! I shared your site with all of my FB world, so thanks for blessing us with your talent.

    I plan to laminate the characters & tape them to corks or legos for long-term play.

  6. Liga

    hi, so happy to find those! looking forward to have a super time with my little princess. Thank you!
    regards from Ukraine

  7. I have always been obsessed with your paper cities and my daughter is finally old enough to appreciate them (almost 3). We did the nativity last week and she played for a long time, which is saying something because independent play is not her strong suit :) Thank you so much for sharing them!!!!

  8. Anna

    Hi Joel,
    love your nativity scene. You’re graphics are so inviting to be colored! If there are still ideas to expand it furthermore…I would love a king Augustus to tell the whole story with the figures to my kids :) we wish you a merry christmas and thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful ideas. from good old europe

  9. Melissa

    Wow! This is incredible! I am going to use it this Sunday to teach my 4-year old class at church. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  10. txgrandma

    These are so lovely. Thanks so much for posting your wonderful art. My grandkids will spend hours playing with these and they will think I’m the genius. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  11. Dava

    Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and ideas! You are giving a wonderful gift to so many. I did this activity with my grandson this Christmas Eve morning and I wanted you to know it was a joyful and fun time as we read from the Bible and did this activity. You are a generous person to share yourself with so many. Merry Christmas!!

  12. […] of extra little figures (the untidy looking ones) to add to the cast. This year, Made by Joel has a new and improved free printable nativity with many extra figures! It makes for a great colouring sheet and would be brilliant if you’ve got kids coming round […]