After posting my Wooden Turkey, many of you thought it would be fun to make sometime similar out of cardboard. Good idea!

I tried to simplify the design as much as possible so that it would be fast and simple to make.

If you want to try it out, there are directions and a printable template below! Once it’s done, then you or your kids can paint and decorate it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, print out the template below, then cut out the two shapes, place them on some cardboard, and trace around the edges.

Then using a craft knife or scissors, cut out the two shapes

Now slide the two pieces together, and paint or decorate your turkey however you’d like! (I just painted mine with non-toxic acrylic paint (see my favorite tools), but it would also be fun to glue feathers on it etc.)

Template: Click on the image below, then print.

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    1. Hey Marisa. Thanks! Yeah, a peacock version would be awesome!

      Nice to hear from you. I’m sure you’ll all be having a delicious Thanksgiving!

  1. We just cut out and painted a rather large cardboard version, but instead of painting the feathers on we just painted a brown base. Now we’re cutting out oodles of feathers from construction paper, and each kid will write something they’re thankful for on a paper feather each day and stick it on the tail, front and back. It should be full by Thanksgiving. I’ve seen a lot of the “thankful trees” floating around the web, but we’ll have a “thankful turkey”! :)

  2. GREAT! These are so fun, and I have a friend who’s birthday is Thanksgiving, you could use these are table decorations and write Happy Birthday on the feather area!

  3. I really like your site. You make crafts look easy. It’s encouraging for people like me. I’m not exactly craft-challenged, but I’m no queen of crafts either. Somewhere in between. Your site gives me the confidence to try more crafts with the kids. Thank you!