Trick-or-Treat Paper City Halloween Craft

I’ve been so busy for the last two weeks, I haven’t had time to make many new crafts, so we printed out the Paper City style trick-or-treat scene from last year. The fall leaves were so nice in our yard today, the kids took the paper people outside to practice up on their trick-or-treat lines. So if you want a little Halloween project, feel free to print out the PDF template below. Happy October!

Template: Click on the image below, then print.

Click here for simple instructions on how to make a little Halloween Box Scene with your printout.

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  1. Ysthar

    Nice!! Am doing some witches, wolves and pirates for my son and I will mix them with your Halloween box scene :0)
    I love your ideas :0*
    Kisses from Spain

    1. Patricia Ágreda Ferrán

      Hola Ysthar! Me encanta ver tu frase “Kisses from Spain”!!! Es tan español lo de despedirse con besos, que es graciosísimo cuando intentamos algo parecido en inglés, a que sí? Un beso (o one kiss), Patricia

  2. Yesterday we used your “branch trees” idea to make a Halloween scene! We are filling our miniature forest with monsters and ghosts, and hanging tiny paper bats from the trees. I’ll have to print out these paper trick-or-treaters!

    1. Thanks everybody!

      Maiz – Awesome idea! You’ve got to send me a photo of that. I should definitely do that with the kids too. I’ve still got the branch tree toy on the top of my shelf. Perfect!

  3. Yifat

    My kids (5 and 3 years old) saw it and immediately wanted to make it. They enjoyed it very much though we don’t have halloween here. It has its own magic regardless of context.
    Thank you,


  4. Jackie

    Hi Joel,
    So has we speak my three year old is having ‘quite time’ in his bedroom with these cute little characters! I can hear him making up stories as he goes. Thanks again – you are amazing!

  5. Mika

    Hi Joel, my class loves your paper city ideas! We’ve been using it in our classrooms for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve been wondering though, if you have a paper city theme for Christmas? :) Christmas is such a huge deal here in the Philippines, that’s why. Would love to add them to our collection.

    Thanks Joel, love your ideas! Awesome! :)

  6. Terry

    Teresa .. My 5 year old grandson insisted we find a way for the cat to go up and down the tree trunk …so we added a bead on a string to the trunk (with hole at top and bottom )tied in the back…put cat on the bead with a zot ..and now the cat goes up and down the tree aren’t kids wonderful ..they imagine the possibilities…thanks again Joel ,
    for sharing your creativity with us all…Logans Mimi

  7. le monde d'Is

    je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de tout voir, mais, décidément, j’adore !… je cherche des freebies sur le Net pour les partager, pour l’instant sur Pinterest, en attendant l’ouverture de mon propre site dans quelques mois (il doit y avoir environ 15000 liens vers des téléchargements gratuits pour l’instant !…) où je proposerai mes créations et celles d’autres créateurs que j’apprécie et vous y figurerez sans nul doute !… j’aime votre style et vos idées, et vos créations sont aussi très inspirantes (ce qui est plus rare…)… merci de partager aussi généreusement votre travail… amicalement; Is… si vous voulez voir ce que je fais, c’est là : (plusieurs de vos créations y figurent déjà, notamment sur les boards “paper toys” et “coloriages”)