Disney asked me to make a road trip illustration for a project of theirs. (More on that in a few weeks.) So I thought I’d turn some of the illustrations into a Paper City “Road Trip Pack.” I made road pieces, like train tracks, so you can build your own road. My son was very focused in this task, and ended up with a really great track. So if anyone is in the summer road trip mood, start your printers, and hit the road! (Free template with directions below.)

Click on the images below then print.

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  1. Jackie

    Joel, you are absolutely amazing! I stumbled upon your site…I’m a Montessori teacher with two toddlers, 2 1/2 and 15 months. I try really hard not to get sucked into the materialistic, plastic junk toys out there, but unless you’re innately creative (which you are!), it’s quite a challenge. It’s a relief to find creative, artistic, inexpensive and simple ways to entertain our children, allowing them to use their imagination. Your ideas are so refreshing. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to use your ideas.

  2. Ann

    I love this road to Paper City – thanks so much for making it available to us all Joel – you are a STAR! Hope you don’t mind but I just had to Pinterest it.

  3. This is great, we are going on a road trip of our own (Hungary-Slovakia-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Finland) in a few weeks so this is a creat warm up to that plus it will be great in car playing and we can use it as visual aids whe story telling about our adventures.

  4. whoa! Disney!? Not too shabby, Joel. ;)

    This is way better than a giant plastic whatnot that takes up all your floor space. I also love that so much of your stuff can eventually be recycled once interest has been lost. I think that’s a great lesson for the kids.

  5. Another beautiful toy, Joel! When I saw this on your blog, it was right next to the cover of “Made to Play!” with your finger puppets on the cover, and they’re such a natural together. Some finger puppet deer will be perfect additions to our paper road trip scene!

  6. cristina

    i hope you don’t tire of my “adán” stories…
    I love your “road trip” idea which is uncanny because
    last week, on his last day of school, I took Adán on a surprise
    road trip! stop by and see! scroll down until you see him sitting
    with his grandpa and uncle Mando.
    you truly are a genius!

  7. As always, you are such an inspiration to me. Your creative mind is a wonder to behold. Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  8. Jodie

    I discovered your website through the Martha Stewart Living article and I’m completely OBSESSED! I love everything and have spent a lot of time printing coloring pages, paper city, etc… my kiddo is going to love playing with everything. One request – train tracks for paper city? Just sayin’… Thanks for all of the great ideas and fun times to be had!

  9. Donna Mann

    Using these paper cities in my Kindergarten class during a unit on maps and globes-can’t wait. I will let you know how it turns out!

  10. Rene

    OH am I ever glad I stumbled onto your site! My little 3 yr old boy loves to pretend play right now. He is going to LOVE these…I think I’ll save them for our upcoming trip to Hawaii. THANKS!!! Oh, and yes, trains and tracks would be great, hint, hint ;-)

  11. Arielle Sword

    This was a really fun way to spend a rain/hail day inside. So much fun and creativity! My 7 yr old daughter and I love it!

  12. Angela Grenfell

    Wow, you are truly awesome work at Kardinia Kids kindergarten and I am sure the children are going to enjoy all the new experiences, thanks to you

  13. You are so talented and generous. Thank you for this adorable art. We have used the paper city a few times now, and as today is rainy we revisited your site. What a treat! Sadly we only had 5 pieces of cardstock between 2 girls. I ended up printing on all kinds of book covers and such. Your work is a hit! Thanks.

  14. Barbara Davie

    Joel! Thank you for these templates. I absolutely love them. My grandson is coming any minute and I’ve printed them out for him to play with. I know he will love them as he’s recently been to Luna Park and seen the Opera House on the way.

    What about a Sydney Harbour Bridge? That would be so cool to complete the Sydney set.

    Again, thank you. They are just gorgeous.

    – Barbara

  15. Giulia

    grazie grazie grazie! sei davvero un genio!!! e condividere questa tua idea con tutti è davvero un regalo!!!