We’ve been enjoying our first week of summer break, and spending a lot of time playing in the backyard. Planting sticks, I mean trees, playing in the playhouse I made two years ago, and drawing a lot of chalk art.

A couple of weeks ago on the Made by Joel Facebook Page, I asked for ideas on what your kids like to do in the backyard. The responses were so amazingly cool! You can see them here. If you’d like to share some of your kid’s favorite backyard activities, feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear them! Mud pies anyone?

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    Our 3 yr old grandaughter LOVES to be “outside”. Last summer was our first summer “outside” since she was 2 and it was a summer of exploring. We discovered dragonflies, bumblebees, caterpillars, crickets, dandelion blooms, seed pods, mocking birds, water play, watering plants, and so much more. When our 2 daughters were in grade school, I hung a large strip of paper on the fence, loaded the water pistols with food colored tinted water, and the artist was born in each of them! This summer we plan on creating an “obstacle course” for our grandaughter. I love your playhouse and that is what she really wants next …. a “clubhouse”. Thanks for all your creative ideas! :)

  2. Hi Joel! I stitched it! Come to see the result! I’ve no facebook, but if you want you can take my photo and publish it on your facebook. Her’s the link: http://ilblogdipepe.blogspot.com/2011/06/un-galletto-made-by-joel.html
    I’m waiting for your goose to embroder it, and please… can you make for me also a pheasant and a peacock? Please? Please! Please! :))) I would like so much to embroder them for a tea towel for my mother… Orange on natrual colours… do you like it? I think it’s perfect also for clothes, as you made on your t-shirt. Beautiful design! Great designer!!! :)

  3. This house you build is so amazing! Summer is the most exciting time of the year. My kids love to spend the hole time outside, jumping trampoline, playing in the sand, climbing the trees, picking flowers and bring them together to pictures etc. etc….

  4. Wunderkind

    When I was younger, my dad and I would play outside all of the time. One of the most memorable activities for me was getting a piece of ply-wood (or any large board) and collecting rocks. We would then arrange the rocks to make “dinosaur bones”. He also build a “fairy house” that was open so I could place furniture and whatever else I wanted in it ( it was pretty much a bird house with two stories and a wall missing, still cool though!).

  5. Thanks for the great ideas! This is fantastic. Water pistol paintings. ha! Awesome.

    Wunderkind: I’m totally making an outdoor dollhouse/fairy house. That’s brilliant. Also, my son has been making dinosaur skeletons in the yard too, but with sticks and bark chips. ha! I’ll have to post a photo on the facebook page later.

  6. Pat Jordan

    We made a sprinkler out of 1/2″ pvc pipe. It is a U shape or open end box with one end plugged and the other with an attachment for the hose. We used a tiny drill (16th” inch) to put some pin holes in the pipe. then connected the hose for a fun run through sprinkler for play. The kids have spent hours in it!

  7. Rieko Warrens

    Hi Joel,
    I LOVE this bright light orange!
    Do you remember the name of color?
    I would like to paint my shed, too :).
    Let me know!