I have to give the credit to my son for this craft. The other day, we were out in the yard and the kids were picking flowers off the azalea bush. My son, who loves building things, took the flowers and poked them all onto a short stick. When he showed it to me, I said, “wow, that looks like a flamenco dress.” Then I went into the house and got some scraps of paper, and a small ball of play dough, and presto, we had flamenco flower dolls! I’m sure Flamenco dresses were inspired by flowers, so this craft has gone full circle. If you want to try it out, read the instructions below, and start dancing!

First, pick some flowers.

Then slide them onto a small stick.

Now make a head and arms out of paper. Leave extra paper at the neck, and poke a hole in it, fold the tab slightly, and slide onto the stick. Then get a ball of play dough and stick it onto the bottom so it stands up.

Now dance!

Here is a photo I took twelve years ago, while my wife and I were in Sevilla, Spain. We saw some amazing flamenco dancers there!

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  1. Rebecca Flanagan

    delightful! can’t wait for springtime in Hobart. I’m thinking ball room dancers with magnolia flowers :-) x

  2. alice

    Lovely indeed. You know, Rebecca, I think these would work with the camellias that are out now down here in OZ. The magnolia ballroom dancers will be fabulous, too.

  3. Ha, thanks. And yes, I think these would work well with many types of flowers. We have some beautiful rhododendron flowers in our yard that I want to try. And Rebecca, If you make a magnolia ballroom dancer, I want to see pics! Cool!

  4. Hi Joel,
    Not sure if I’ve commented before but I’m in awe of how creative you are (and now your boy too!). These look so great, feeling like dancing myself now.

  5. What a creative kid! I love the fact that the dancer has her arms in the air, dancing! :)
    Best regards from Barcelona,

  6. min

    My mom always talks about how she did this as a kid. Funny how some crafts pass the test of time. Thanks for bringing it back!

  7. Hello Joel,

    Freshly discovered your blog and I just love it! Finally a blog that demonstrates human creativity and not only techno projects… Congratulations on your wonderful blog!