I’ve seen people make trees of thanks and thought it would be fun to make a mobile of thanks. It was a fast and simple project, similar to the nature mobile I made a few months ago. We just cut out pieces of paper, drew or wrote things that we were happy for and taped them onto long pieces of thread. Maybe we’ll hang it near the dining room. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Joel
    Hello from the Balearic Islands, I'm a mom from 2 little girls and they love all your toys and craft
    Thanks for your blog

  2. Anonymous

    I have just come across your blog and I LOVE it. Your work is inspiring and you are a great role model for dad's and other crafters too.
    Thanks you so much for all your great printables. I can't wait to try some out with the kids.

  3. sol da eira

    I've just found out about your blog. Your work is really great. We also have tweens, boy and girl. I hope they'll get allong as well as yours. Love your elephant!

  4. kelli

    I did this with my first grade reading group and they loved it! Definitely an authentic learning experience…each was very personal and gave each student a chance to think about and express their thankfulness. And I loved seeing kids work on things around thanksgiving that had nothing to do with turkeys! Thanks for the mobile of thanks!