Every year I make a calendar for friends and family with photos of my paintings. This year I used photos of my toys. It’s for sale in the Zazzle Store here if anyone is interested. Happy 2011!

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  1. Karen

    Hi, Joel. I recently found your blog through MiniEco and started following. I love your toys and crafts! I wish I had discovered you when my boys were a bit younger.

    I am absolutely amazed by the photo for August! I actually thought for a second that you made that month 3D — like a pop-up page. Very cool:)

  2. Pink Ronnie

    Hi Joel,
    I found you via chic mother & baby's blog.
    That is a gorgeous calendar. I'm also in love with some of your artwork. There's a couple that I would love to get for our home!
    Ronnie :)

  3. MarieNeige

    Very interesting blog… I 'll surely use some of your nice ideas with my grandchildren. Thank you from France!
    Have a very nice day.

  4. Alissa Rae King

    Dear Joel,

    I'm kind of in love with you. Found your site through the etsy blog feature, and my husband? Kind of in love with you, too. We bought a scroll saw yesterday for $35 off craigslist! Put the kids to bed early so we could go out and make toys… for ourselves. It's a little bit of magic :)

    Thank you!

  5. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! It's fun to see the toys in print!

    Alissa Rae King – Ha, thanks. Yes, it's usually quite easy to find old scroll saws for cheap on Craigslist etc. So much fun though right? Anyway, glad you found my blog. Happy toy making!