And the winner according to is comment number 34!  So it looks like the puzzle will be going to France.  Congratulations!  This was so much fun and such a success, I’ll definitely do another one before the winter holidays.  Thanks for playing everybody!

I also decided I better make a couple of new coloring sheets so everyone can get a little something.  So here they are.  Animal coloring sheet (with elephant! – ha) and flowers coloring sheet.  My daughter tried the flower sheet out last night with her watercolors and made a beautiful painting.  So click on the images below and print if you want to try them!  Just for fun I added pictures of my artwork that inspired the coloring sheets.  A drypoint print and a watercolor.

20 Responses
  1. Caroline

    Thank you so much for your generous gift to all of us. The drawings look like they are full of fun and love.

  2. Lori Henriques

    such fun that was! i like seeing the number generator, too. and now we can all color… all's well that ends well! :)

  3. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Glad you are enjoying the coloring sheets!

    And congratulations again CCMag! I'll mail the puzzle off tomorrow!

  4. sandra

    Thank you joel, that's so nice of you let us feel, we've all been winning! I am going on train next week and i will take the coloring sheets and the woodpecker with me to play with the children. Looking so much forward to it! Thank you for everything!!!

  5. I love all of your art ideas and especially love your coloring sheets. I am starting my first year teaching third grade in Tanzania. Our school mascot is the twiga (giraffe in kiswahili) and had a feeling if I went to your blog, I would be able to find something. I appreciate you sharing resources with all of your blog fans and readers. Cheers!

  6. Sarah

    I just started trying embroidery with a gorgeous set of hand dyed yarn, and your pictures look like they will make great patterns! I’ll send you a link when (if) I have a finished product to show off.


  7. You are talented, generous and very imaginative. Thank you so much.
    I use your ideas for my classes with younger students – Paris theme is great!!