Hey everyone. I’m super excited to announce my first ever toy to hit the shops! Collaborating with The Saturday Market Project is wonderful, and the Paper City Paris Kits are fantastic.

The templates are printed in the USA on sturdy paper which takes color very well, and also folds great.

I designed a Champ de Mars scene inside the carrying case so it could double as a play mat, then created an additional large fold-out play mat of the Avenue des Champs Elysées. Kids can connect the two together in various ways for lots of creative play, then pack everything back up and take it on the go!

Saturday Market Project is now closed. But you can still download and print your own Paper City Paris for free as always here.

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  1. Jane Dorfman

    In your book you are wearing a tee shirt with your turntable art on it. Are these available someplace? Please respond by email.–Jane