When the twins were younger, I made these vintage fabric dolls. They still sleep with them almost four years later. Yesterday I decided little E and I better make one for her to sleep with too.

It was very cute working together. She chose some vintage necktie fabric I had lying around, and then we got to sewing. It’s a very simple pillow shape, so it’s fast to make. For the face, I just machine embroidered it using a basic straight stitch.

Every couple minutes she would ask, “Can I have it now?”. She was pretty excited. And she slept very well last night!

Here are some photos of the twins with their dolls.


6 Responses
  1. Patricia Ágreda Ferrán

    So cute, Joel! I really like the shape idea because that way they can also use them as a real pillow at bed :)

  2. Really nice design Joel, agree with Patricia about using it as pillow. Other thing came in my mind about adding a little pocket behind the head part so that kids can keep their tooth fairy in it (*wink*) or maybe not it’s just a thought. Nice color combinations and the selection of doll face have made it good looking. It’s always good sharing your creativity, people like me can get inspired to make something like this. Thanks for a nice post.

  3. Carolyn Thiedke

    I love, love , love your work. But I have a question about the wooden nature scene from your book. I had a kind neighbor make one for me. He had also made the zoo animals and cars. However, the wood strips are 1/2″ tall and the animals and cars are almost totally obscured by the strips when you slide them through the slots. It’s not like the baboon in the picture.
    Did I do something wrong? Is there a work around?

    1. Hey Carolyn. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, my animals in that wooden nature scene toy are kind of “up to their knees” too. But maybe your wood strips are even taller. One quick fix might be to wedge a little strip of corrugated cardboard into the slots to raise the animals up a tiny bit. Other than that, you might just have to make taller animals that would be specifically for the slot toy. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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