Building Fun with Nuts and Bolts

I was cleaning up my shop corner in the garage today and decided to select a few nuts, bolts, and other odds and ends for the kids to play around with. They’re always fascinated with screws and tools. Then I gave them some wrenches and screwdrivers and let them build.

It reminded me of the erector sets I had as a kid. It kept us busy for quite a long time – building robots and horses and all kinds of stuff. It was also quite an exercise in fine motor skills. I think I’ll keep the pieces handy in a box for next time!

9 Responses
  1. Joanne Millis

    Thanks, Joel,
    The grandkids are coming, the grandkids are coming. And I found you again!!

    Love this idea, my “collections” will continue to fuel their imaginations.

  2. I agree that building with nuts and bolts can be a great exercise for a child’s motor skills. Hopefully, it would help get my son into mechanic work. Then I could teach him everything I know so he can grow up to be a professional.