Creatures From the Dark – Paper Craft for BIG Magazine

BIG Kids Magazine asked me to create a paper craft for their new “Into the Dark” issue. While I was working on it, my 6 year old son came over and wanted to join in. We had a great time collaborating!

The template is below if you’d like to try it out. We also put a small light behind it, then turned off the room lights for full effect. Nice!

If you haven’t looked at BIG Magazine yet, then I highly recommend checking it out. Tons of creativity poured into each issue.

Click on the image below, then print.

Into the Dark Cover

11 Responses
  1. amanda laing

    Your ideas always make me smile and my little girl is always instantly into your activities thankyou for sharing ;)

  2. Dude, These look so cool. Love the lighting. The long shadows are too cool! Will definitely have to Check out Big Kids Magazine. They’re Australian based! Yay! Nice One!

    1. Thanks Pete! Yeah, I used my iPhone flashlight for the strong backlighting on that B&W photo. Turned out pretty cool! (Except for the dust on the table. ha.) But yeah, the magazine is awesome. You’d dig it. And yes, from Australia!

  3. Hey Joel,
    What a great and simple idea, your monster cave!
    It’s bucketing down outside at the moment so we’ve had a great ‘crafty day inside’.
    My kids Tomas (7) and Liddy (5) have enjoyed making it (with a little help from me with cutting the spiny monster tail!)
    My wife organizes and manages the local craft market. She’ll come home to some scary scenes under the beds!
    Thanks for a great idea!
    We also made the ‘copter boy and girl and the ‘walk through Paris’ sliding card
    Awesome work man!
    Rotorua New Zealand

    1. Ha, cool! Yeah, my son designed the spiny tailed monster. It’s by far the best one too. Awesome!

      Thanks for writing!

  4. Excellent lighting on the final (first) photo. I hope your 6 year old had as much fun helping dad as it looks like it must have been a blast to put together.

  5. Lauren

    Hi Joel! I think your paper city is soooo cool! I wish I had a talent like that. I love the lighting in your first photo btw. Keep up the good work!