I got requests from some of you for a connect the dots worksheet, so here is my first attempt. When the kids saw what I was doing, they weren’t too interested. But I printed some out this morning and did one myself. I told them it was pretty tricky to find all the right numbers, and they ended up getting really excited about it. I gave them clues if they got stuck. Both were very proud of their cute birds when they completed it.

Printout is below if you want to try it out.

Happy counting!

Click on the image below, then print.

9 Responses
  1. carol - @perennial

    This is fantastic. I love the idea of a challenging dot to dot. My kids will love me for it. I have this printed and waiting until I need to whip it out to loud choruses of thanks and enthusiastic nominations for Mother of the Year.

  2. Michelle

    I just spent the afternoon playing with the Paper City Road Trip with my 4 year old. What a nice quiet change from endless rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos! He loved the Paper City and kept asking me to add more things–a tent, some dogs. Sadly my artistic talent ends at stick people, but we had fun anyway. Thank you so much!I know these sets will be a lifesaver during our long wet winter. (I’m in Portland too.) Thanks! And keep them coming!

  3. Teresa

    Me encanta. Soy maestra y este tipo de actividades les encanta a los chicos. Centran la atención y, lo más importante, descubren que las matemáticas son no sólo útiles sino también muy divertidas. Gracias por compartir todas estas ideas. Es usted muy generoso.