Ever since I saw these awesome owls at El had a de papel, I’ve been wanting to try it out. Last week, my son got a Batman Lego set, and is very excited about all things Batman and Robin. So we made these! He loves them, and they were so fun to make!

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  1. Tereza

    They are wonderful. Thank you so much for inspiration. My sun just started “Batman madness” – anything Batman related is cool, so this is great idea how to spent some time together.

  2. Tereza

    And Joel, one more question. Don´t you plan to make a templete with Batman face to be glued on the roll or just coloured? I know the fun of it is in drawing on the roll, but It would be helpfull for those not really so much skilled in drawing like me. Kids could colour the template, mum or dad could glue it on the roll, all can play with it and everybody will be happy…

  3. A great idea!
    Tereza, it might be a copyright violation for Joel to make templates with Batman image, but even if it isn’t – you can always type “Batman colouring page” in Google and just choose any picture you like for the kids to colour and glue on the roll.

    1. Tereza

      Thank you, Diane. And concerning the copyright – I didn ´t think about it this way and I should. The copyright rules are different here in Europe. Anyway, your idea with coloring pages is also great, still it would be great to have one from Joel since my son really like his coloring pages and templates.

    2. Thanks! And yeah, a template is an interesting idea, and it might be ok for me to do if I gave it away (which I would). But even better might be for me to create a very simple drawing tutorial for the basic shapes. Drawing is fun! Even if you don’t think you can do it, it’s still fun, and the kids will love it no matter what!

  4. I like how you bent in the head for Batman to give him pointy mask ears. Would that work for The Flash?

    Agree the Joker would work if his (purple or green) hair is poofy enough.

    You can also try Catwoman.

    If your son also likes superhero coloring pages, you can always print out some off my website. Click on my name and go to the More menu then Fun Stuff For Kids.

    1. Great ideas! It would be funny to try and make some sort of wig/hair for the joker. ha.

      I’ll definitely check out your site too. Thanks Derek!

  5. Patricia

    I love your super heroes too! But what I like to thank you today, Joel, is the opportunity to meet Hilke and her great blog “El hada de papel”… both of you have an amazing creativity with a unique touch which makes you different, surely because you create all of your crafts with the beauty of simpliciy and a bit of charm and tenderness that makes you special. Thanks again, Joel. Thanks also, Hilke.

  6. Peg

    Thank you for this wonderuful idea. My son will only answer to ‘Batman’ and he no longer calls me Mom…only, Robin. Unfortunately, his older brother isn’t taking to his new name, Joker!
    Will definitely be making these tonight…Thanks!
    Your friend,
    …ahem, Robin.

  7. You were mentioned at I Am Mommy Hear Me Roar, so I thought I’d stop by, and WOW! I’m loving all your projects and was so excited to see that you have a book too! So, so cool. :-)

  8. Tereza

    I made one Batman today and it is a big hit! Although it looks not as good as yours, we have him already rescued R2D2 from Dathwader and he was eating quick morning snack with us (Guess what! Batman loves apple cake!). Really great idea and a great toy. Thank you so much.