Quick Photo From Martha Stewart Filming Today!

Just got done filming the Martha Stewart TV Show! Here’s a photo that my mom took on her phone of the monitor. I’ll post better photos later. I’m in the airport right now getting ready to fly home. It sure was a fantastic trip! Oh, and the show is schedules to air on November 29.


6 Responses
  1. I so wish we could have gone to your show instead. Our show was about getting your dog ready for Halloween… I think I would have been more interested in what you had to show. But it was cool to see how Martha works and we saw them tearing down and setting up for your show. Too bad I’m not a at home dad:) Congrats on a cool accomplishment!

  2. Totally cool – wish we weren’t on the far side of the world and we could watch it!!! My kids and I were breakfast TV earlier this year and it was just so much fun… Never knew filming and shooting would be so much fun!!!

  3. How fun! You are a celebrity!….I can’t spell it but I know it must be great fun. I hope to see that episode. I’m glad for you Joel. You make a lot of happiness happen for all who come by your blog…and buy your book I’m sure. Have a great day, Maggie