The kids have been really excited to see beautiful yellow leaves starting to fall in the yard, and they wanted to collect some for the dollhouse. My son also found a small nut shell and some seeds, and made this really cool miniature bowl that we put on one of the tables. Always great to use nature objects for toys! Another thing that would be fun and simple to try, is gathering some fall twigs to make some pretty branch trees. Happy fall everyone!

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  1. These are wonderful (and Jannelle- I am CRAZY about your fairy pans!) We like using walnut shells and acorn caps in our dollhouse, too. Sometimes I like to sand a flat patch on the bottom to keep them from rolling around too much, and I also like to glue some rice grains or sesame seeds in them so that they look like full bowls of food. Now, if only we had fall foliage!

  2. Thanks everybody!

    Jannell – Wow, those are totally awesome fairy pans. My kids will love those! Good idea on the rice too, Maiz. This stuff is so fun!

  3. sammi

    this is so beautiful. you should have a category for posts related to your dollhouse! I know you have one main post showcasing your dollhouse, but there are quite a few posts associated with it yes? just a suggestion! (plus it’ll be easier for me to look at those posts next time too heh.)