My wife’s birthday was this week, and we made her some necklaces. The kids made bead necklaces, and I wanted try something with wire. It worked pretty well. I just bent sterling silver wire with pliers, and then gently pounded it flat, using a slightly rounded hammer. I took less than 15 minutes total. I need to practice a bit more, but it sure is fun. I’d definitely welcome any tips from those of you who make jewelry.

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  1. Thanks! Yeah, she really likes the necklace, so that’s good.

    Jana – I just got the wire at a local bead store. But I’m sure you could find it online too.

  2. Sara

    it’s even more fun if you use a planishing hammer and an anvil or steel block. or if you want to keep wire cross-section round, a rawhide hammer should work-harden the metal.

  3. Chrystal Corliss

    ooh, so cute! I have a ton of jewelry-ish wire I bought on a whim years ago… I may just have to make a gaggle of birds. :) Think how cute they would be as Christmas Tree Ornaments too!!!!!! Hello easy Christmas gift!

  4. Along the ornament train of thought — you can also make your own pretty wire hangers. Use 18 – 20 gauge wire and curl into an loopy S-shape. You can even add a bead to the middle to make it “blingy.” You can use household items to wrap around to make the swirls the same for each hook. Try sharpies, pens, RX bottles, batteries, or whatever else you find. Just don’t forget to file the ends of your wire down…those little burs can hurt!

    I love your ideas, keep ’em coming. :)

  5. Joel, tumbling your finished work in a bit of water with dish soap and stainless steel balls will harden silver wire so it doesn’t lose its shape. I got a tumbler pretty cheaply online through a hardware dealer.

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