Voilà, Paper City Paris! I’ve been working on this for a very long time now and had so much fun creating it. My kids have been watching me draw and sketch for two months, and they’re now huge fans of the city. They kept asking me, “When are the buildings going to stand up, Daddy?” And now every time they see a radio tower while driving in the car, they yell, “I see the Eiffel Tower!” (I think they’ll be quite impressed when they see the real thing in person someday.)

We’ve been having a great time creating Paris adventure stories together and acting them out. Driving the Citroën car through the Arc de Triomphe, buying candy at the Confiserie, and standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

If you’re in the mood to explore Paris, all of the templates are below. I’ve also included a very brief description of the buildings, which is both fun and educational. And feel free to upload photos of your Paris city on the Made by Joel Facebook Page. Amusez-vous bien!

Update: You can also download the new miniature Travel Size Paper City Paris!

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Click on the templates below, then print.

For more Paper City Printout Toys, click here!

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  1. Joel…these are AMAZING! I just stumbled across your site and found these and all of the other fabulous paper cities that you have created. My youngest daughter is going to love them and they are just the thing to cheer her up when her big brother and sister head back to school on Tuesday.

    I am going to share a link with my blog readers tomorrow! They will absolutely LOVE these!!

  2. Your blog is a dreamland :-) I have been following your work for sometime but still I am so asthonised you keep sharing everything for free. I am so excited to get your new book soon and share it all over our country :-)

  3. Patricia Ágreda Ferrán

    Wooooooow, Joel!!! You’re a genius :) I love your drawings so much!!! Paris looks wonderful from your hand. Great all the details, so cute the people’s clothes (car, and streetlights, also). If you plan someday to expand the city, I’d like to see your version of the Louvre’s pyramid. Bon voyage a Paris!!!

  4. sarah

    oh so incredible! and generous! my kids are sure to adore this – thank you for your inspiration and talent in this world…

    1. Gracias por tu ciudad de Paris. En mi Iglesia haremos una representacion en vivo de mis alumnas de 9 a 12 anos en tamano natural en la parte trasera del patio de la Escuela Dominical junto con pinturas de Collage.

      Thanks for the city of Paris. We’ll going toma make a representacion with my Sunday School on natural size and we are going to invite to the whole Congregacion with some Art Collage. We also will serve some food from France. Thanks for your beutiful idea, I save a lot.

  5. Tanja

    Hooray! My kids and I have been checking weekly for “Paris” since you published “road trip”! Can’t wait to print these out for them! Thank you so much for sharing your designs, ideas, and family pictures with us!

  6. Gelika

    Joel, города из бумаги (Paper City), которые Вы придумываете и рисуете просто прекрасны! Спасибо за то, что Вы делитесь этой красотой с другими, менее способными к рисованию, родителями ;)

    Thank you…

  7. Monica

    Yours is one of my favourite sites. You are great! Your family must be soooooooo proud of you!
    PS: when is Paper City LONDON coming to life?;)

  8. Evelyne

    My four year old son exclaimed: “Maman, maman, il faut tous les imprimer. Tous! Ils sont vraiment magnifiques!”

  9. Stacey

    I LOVE all the beautiful coloring pages and panoramas. I know it is too early to start thinking about Christmas, but a little Christmas town to color and decorate??? My 7 and 9-year olds would love to patiently color in — I can already picture it on my mantel for Christmas.

  10. We are going to Paris in a couple weeks. My youngest daughter will celebrate her first birthday there. Perhaps we will take the paper city with us and photograph the paper Eiffel along with the real Eiffel! I’ll post the pics on FB if I can actually manage to remember!! (mommy brain!!)

  11. What fun! We have so enjoyed your Paper City projects, and the Paris edition will be a treat on a rainy afternoon. Many thanks for your generous sharing of creativity. Bless you!

  12. Sabrina

    ..So this must be Paris, I suppose…….. Can I use it in my French classes? Maybe my pupils will start loving French!!!

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Yes Sabrina, you may use it in class. Of course! Teach them how to order a pastry in French at the Patisserie. That should inspire them too. Ha.

  14. Maiku

    Wow, I really love this!!!!
    Have you, by any chance, thought of making more cities…? I can personally already see London in front of me… This could even make a nice trip around the world…
    Or one famous sight per city would create a nice guessing game…
    Just thoughts, your wonderful project just got my brain running wild (me, who just can’t draw!), I really love this!!!

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  16. Bravo! These are fantastic! Our daughter (now 3) has been taking “walks in Paris” ever since she could crawl, with a large laminated, vintage style city street and monument map of the city layed across our kitchen floor. She knows many of the monuments and can find them for you on the map. She also says “I see the Eiffel Tower!” when we drive past radio towers. How classic! And to top it off we’ve had Citroën’s in our family my whole life. My first car was a Citroën 2cv (for 6 years) and our daughter has had the pleasure of riding as a passenger in one. Thanks for this fun treasure! Now we can print and share with her a new perspective of the city! I too hope she’ll get to see it in person someday.

  17. sigh! Now you’ve made me want to have more kids! (I guess grownups can play too?) I love this. It’s perfect and I’ll share on Facebook with the moms I know!

  18. Wow oh wow oh wow. I am so excited about these. Thanks for making them available for download – you’re a hero. I’m sure your kids are making tons of precious memories with them.

  19. A friend of mine just told me about this. Fantastic! My oldest daughter was born in Paris, and, although we moved when she was still a baby, she knows and loves all the Paris monuments! She will flip for this! What a gift to share with everyone. Thank you!

  20. These are really stunning and just perfect. What a fun project for kids and adults. Will send some traffic your way plus tweet, that is my way of bookmarking. Take care and keep up this great blog.