Community & Parents for Public Schools Coloring Sheet

I just created this coloring sheet for a wonder project, Community & Parents for Public Schools, a national organization with a portland chapter. They’ve been working to make schools better for over 10 years. Every year they hold an annual Parent Leadership & Engagement Conference ( Oct. 22nd, 2011) . This coloring sheet will be part of their outreach and they will be distributed around town in places like New Seasons and local schools, to help promote the conference. Feel free to print them off for your kids at home, or any other learning organization that you’d like. Three cheers for supporting education!

Click here or on the image below to print.

11 Responses
  1. Thanks for the great link. I went to Lewis & Clark for grad school, was a teacher in NE PDX and now a stay at home mama to three on a tiny island in WA. I’m running for school board, so the link came at a great time.
    LOVE what you do. Rad.

  2. Sad this picture has a error and isn’t working. I love it and gets my daughter excited for school. We’ll check back and see if it’s working later. Thanks for so many amazing ideas.

    1. Sorry Stacey. The image seems to load fine for me. Perhaps you could try again with a different web browser? If it still doesn’t work, you can try right-clicking on the image and save it to your desktop, or even do a google image search for “Community & Parents for Public Schools Coloring Sheet”. That works for sure.


    2. It’s working now….It’s strange it gives me an Adobe Acrobat error that says. “A drawing error occurred but then it took a little longer and it loaded. I printed it and it’s waiting for the morning for my daughter to color it. Thanks for looking into this. I just love your free coloring sheets. My kids love seeing what’s new on your blog. Thanks!!!!

  3. Jessica

    I absolutely love this, particularly as a public school teacher. I actually had this blown up to poster size. My students colored it (beautifully, I might add), then I laminated it and hung it in the classroom. Thanks so much.