Here’s an easy little fish toy that I made today for the baby. I used fabric scraps, including part of an old neck tie. So far she likes to watch me wiggle the fish tail in front of her. It’s pretty cute. If you want to try making one, there are photos and directions below. Happy fish making!

First cut out two pieces of fabric into your fish shape. (I used a natural denim fabric.) Then get some small scraps for color accents and the tail.

Sew the fabric accent colors onto the sides of the fish pieces. For the yellow and black shapes, I turned the edges under then sewed them on. For the red shape, I did a zig-zag stitch around the edge (without folding the edge). Then I used the sewing machine on a straight stitch to make the eyes and wavy lines.

Place the two sides of the fish together, right side in. Then stitch around the edges, but leave the tail end open.

Turn the fish right side out and fill with stuffing of your choice.

Now insert the tail piece into the end. (I used a piece from an old neck tie.) Turn the edges of the fish under, then sew across the end of the fish and tail. Done!

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    1. Great idea! I didn’t even think of that. It would be great to attach it with a carabiner clip or something. I sewed over the tail handle three times, so it’s nice and sturdy. Cool!

  1. Cute project! I love fun projects like this that are quick to make and that use up scraps from bigger projects — I hate for anything to go to waste, so when I can find a creative, fun way to use up the leftover odds and ends, that’s great!

  2. What a great fish toy and I love what you did with the necktie….and your baby is soooo beautiful. What great photos! btw, your woodpecker paper toy was a great hit with my Sunday Sch. class. The look on those boys faces when their bird was in action was priceless. Thank you!

  3. Esme

    There’s a website called DIY ( do it yourself ) and you make a profile and do projects in real life then post them on it! You can complete challenges, get badges, and see other peoples stuff! If you want to check it out, I’m jubjub25.