Etsy just posted their How-Tuesday video recently filmed in my studio! We made a Paper Bird Mobile that works nicely as a Mother’s Day present. I’ll attach the template below, but you can view the entire Etsy post and more info here. Thanks, Etsy!

[vimeo 23216545 640 360]

“This week’s Etsy how-to unfolds in the Portland, Oregon studio of Joel Henriques of Made by Joel, one of the coolest dads I’ve ever had the chance to meet. An artist, illustrator, painter, and boundless blogger, Joel is a pro at coming up with projects that parents can make and kids will dig. His upcoming book, Made to Play, is due on the shelves in October, 2011.

A lot of folks here in the office swooned over the modern take on the retro design of his Owl Mobile, but I wanted something that folks could customize – according to their own taste or the number of kids in their brood.

When Joel came up with the idea for this bird mobile, I knew it was spot on. Filming him in his Portland home, I realized I was in the presence of one master of fun.”

Template: Click on the image below, then print.

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  1. PJ

    Mothers Day? Put a bird on it!

    I didn’t notice until you referred to them as “Mamma Bird” and “Baby Bird” but The negative space is an EGG!! Clever.

  2. Rebecca

    LOL – put a bird on it indeed! I’m still laughing.

    I love this. I also love the owl mobile back in the archives. It’s very clever and sweet. Way to go Joel! I can’t get enough of the awesome projects you do.

  3. Thanks everybody! Ha, yeah, we actually hinted towards the “put a bird on it!” while filming the video, but it didn’t make the final edit. What can we say, there are a LOT of birds in Portland. We can’t help it! :)

    PJ – Yes, glad you noticed the egg shape! I thought it would be appropriate design.

  4. L O V E everything about this video. You both had great energy together, and you seemed so relaxed on camera. Your brilliantly simple craft is sweet in so many ways. Also, loving the new blog format. Very friendly and somehow cleaner.

  5. All week I’ve been gearing up to make this mobile (I don’t care that I’m pushing 30 and it’s a ‘kid friendly’ project – it’s just so cool… surely mum would like it! hehehe :))… at the last minute I changed my mind and used your idea to inspire a leather brooch for, thanks for the inspiration and for this wonderful wonderful blog.

    Here it is, mama & baby bird in leather brooch form:

  6. Thanks so much everyone!

    nerea – Wow, that’s such a fabulous idea! Now I’ve got to try making a bird brooch for my wife! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. awww… thanks heaps for the lovely feedback! :-D you must post a pic if you make a brooch for your wife… or give me a holler if you don’t get a chance to make it… I’d love to post one over as ‘payment’ for the inspiration…. :-) :-) :-)

  7. Alicia

    Hi Joel
    Thank you for inspiring Nerea to make the Chirpy brooch for mother’s day. LOVE IT :)
    I must confess we’ve been quite obsessed with your beautiful work…Here is a transcript of a conversation with my son on Sunday: – Alicia: ‘ You know I don’t care what car you drive or how many houses you have; but promise me you’ll be like Joel when the babies come’- Martin: ‘Mum, you know; I’ll probably follow dad’s tradition and I’ll be working long hours’- Alicia: ‘ Can you be a little bit like Joel when the babies come, please?-‘ Martin: ‘ I can do that mum…dad was a little bit like Joel too when we were small…’ (Alicia smiles with happiness) So Joel…I don’t know that Martin is happy you made me go back to my ‘Tiger Mom” ways… but I’m planning for the happiness of my future grandkiddies ;)
    *****Kudos to you and I wish you lots and lots of even bigger success…..****

  8. daniel Lamberton

    Joel, I’ve heard people talk about your work, but I’m only seeing it now. It makes me wish I had grandchildren nearby. Would you mind writing a letter to my son and suggesting he move back from Manhattan? I’m itching for a chance to make toys for forgiving family–I’m all thumbs.

    1. Hey Melissa. I just now switched it to PDF, instead of jpeg. Try it now. I think it should work better!

      (I meant to switch all of the jpg printouts to PDF, but missed this one. Thanks!)


  9. Nadine

    Just made this mobile for my daughter’s room. Thank you for the tutorial and template! Wondering how to post a picture?