3 Activities for Outdoors!

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, I thought it might be fun to do an “outdoor” roundup of some popular previous posts. So here they are! Click on the links or photos below!

Driftwood Fish – At the beach? Create some fun toys with driftwood and a paint pen.

Flower Baskets – Weave a simple paper flower basket to gather flowers in your yard.

Wooden Sand Combs – Try making a simple sand comb for playing in the sandbox or at the beach.

8 Responses
  1. cristina

    love the drift wood fish! this is uncanny.
    our irrigation ditches are flowing here
    in our open space fields . . . also the where
    Adán and I walk home from his school.
    He collections cottonwood twigs to toss in
    the ditches and runs after them as the
    float away. I will share the drift wood
    fish with him.
    By the way he is still talking about the fact
    that your autographed Lori’s cd for him!!!

  2. Cool! Yes, the beeswax is great.

    cristina – Nice! I’m glad he likes the cd! And have fun looking for sticks and drift wood!

  3. those driftwood fish are calling my name!!

    thanks, as always, for your generosity and inspiration. we will be regulars around here, as summer hits its stride.