We just got back from the beach today, and had a great time.  Before leaving, I quickly made a couple of sand combs for the kids to play with.  They added a nice and relaxing element to our sand playing.

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  1. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! I can't take credit for inventing these, but they sure are fun. And yes, never too young to enjoy a little zen gardening at the beach!

    modernmaam – The wood I used is just a thin plywood. You can find small sheets of it at lumber stores, and it cuts very easy, even with a hand coping saw. Then another secret ingredient (well it's not a secret) is an awesome food grade bees wax polish by Three BEEautiful Bees. I use it on almost all of my wood toys for kids. You can buy it here. One jar lasts a very long time, and you can just rub it on with your fingers (It's great for the skin too.) and it seals the wood very well.

  2. un hamac

    so great! the artful things you do for your kids remind me of a simpler craftiness my mom had raising us. now as an adult i am very thankful for it and i feel equipped with a small and special creative ability i probably wouldn't have otherwise (particularly when it comes to toothpicks). :)

  3. modernmaam

    eek! Thanks so much! they have some other cute stuff too! *making notes for future babes*

  4. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone!

    Mary Beth – I have an old electric scroll saw. It's great for little things like these. They took about 2 minutes each to cut out. Then I sanded them etc. But yeah, it's nice to have a little saw like that. You can find them used for $25 quite often.

  5. Trampolines

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