The Table of Contents Album Cover

Some friends of mine have a great pop rock band and they asked me to do the cover for their debut album.  I ended up doing a 36X36 inch painting on canvas.  They did a great job of incorporating the painting into the design of the cd packaging too.  Very fun!  If you’re curious and want to check out the music (it really is quite awesome), here are some links: iTunes Music Store,  Amazon.

Here is the original painting I did.

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  1. infinitemonkeytheory

    mine's autographed! i need to send it up to you to get your official jh on it, too.

  2. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone!

    Lori – They made a bunch of shirts before my album cover was painted, and I think they're still getting rid of those. Maybe they'll make new ones though and use the cover design.