The twins just got some cute Japanese toys from a friend. They called them froggy-bears and thought they needed a nap, so I did a 20 second sewing project and made them some fleece sleeping bags. Then we made lego beds. It’s pretty fun. I’ve been so busy painting for my October art show that these one minute crafts are all I have time for. More later….

Update: Thanks to Paul Johnson for sending me these photos of me with the kids!

7 Responses
  1. Erin Wilson

    Okay, you might just be the coolest dude ever. So glad I found your blog! Your kids are some kind of lucky!

  2. littlegreen

    just stumbled on your blog today, love it all, great projects!!
    oh and we have the same sewing machine, love that thing. it's a super heavy duty beast, keeps on going.

  3. Joel Henriques

    Oh cool! Yeah, that was my mom's machine. I totally grew up watching her sew on it, so it's very cool that I get to have it now. She bought a new one. I love this one though!