I’ve been tackling some larger projects, so I haven’t posted in awhile. One of them is this zoo blanket. Jack and Tess love to get out all of their animals and arrange them on the floor to “make a zoo”. I thought it would be fun to design a blanket or play mat that had some fun shapes and colors on it where we could put the different animals. Blue for water, etc… So, after some experimental sewing, I ended up with basically an unstuffed quilt I think. Regardless of what it is, it does look quite fun, and Jack and Tess really love building their zoo on it!

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  1. infinitemonkeytheory

    i agree with lori, this is super and would be wonderful on a larger scale, too. i'm really enjoying all the things you're posting here.

    (i finally managed to get a comment posted!)

  2. Kyra

    next saturday i need a gift for a two-year old girl and five year old boy, now i've got the perfect gift for both! You really inspired me… thanks!

  3. Hi Joel ! We really love your blog and all the ideas you share here ! We often use materials and ideas for our 3 years old daughter who really appreciate. I start sewing a few months ago and I use your book to sew a blanket for my daughter’s farmtoy. She also uses it for her dolls who like having a bath or random. Here is a picture :


    Thanks for sharing and for helping us to imagine new materials, really !


  4. This is such a brilliant play mat Amandine! I love the design, and also how you made a blank spot for the barn. It works perfectly! Makes me want to make a special play mat for our dollhouse, or some other building. Nice one!

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