• Printable Placemat For Giving Thanks!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thanksgiving Craft

    Cardboard Turkey with printable template

  • Wood Turkey Toy/Decoration

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Now Available!

    Ships from US and UK

  • Harry Potter's Getaway

    Wingardium Leviosa!

  • Paper City Paris Kits!

    Art and Craft Toy for Kids

  • Camping Scene

    Get a small taste of the great outdoors

  • Garden Coloring Sheet

    Print it out and start coloring!

  • Flapping Bird Toy

    Print out the template, create, and play

  • DIY Shoebox Pizza Oven

    Hungry for felt pizza fun?

  • 3 Outdoor Activities!

    Driftwood Fish, Flower Baskets & Wooden Sand Combs!

  • Dinosaur Music Video

    Music video collaboration with my sister Lori!

  • Crafts your baby will love!

    5 simple crafts to make for babies

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