I just finished shooting this music video for my sister Lori’s new Dinosaur song. Feel free to watch it with your kids!

It was really fun to make! And I’m also finishing up a Dinosaur Paper City set to go with it. Should be done in a day or two!

You can see my wild setup in the photo below. I had to rig up a big roll of paper on a pole so I could make the long continuous drawing.

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  1. Patricia Ágreda Ferrán

    You’re such a great team!!! I love your work. Do you know, Joel, what’s the most amazing thing in this case? Have been able to watch you drawing at the same time you’re doing it!!!! Woooow, fascinating… the artist “on the air”. Thanks a lot.
    I draw you plenty of little kisses :)

  2. We absolutely love the video. Great to see you “at work”. My little girl (4yrs) loves drawing and and cutting and creating her own puppets and places for them to stay in. When she saw you drawing she only said: “Wow, he draws nicely. I want to draw dinosaurs too.” Thank you for your work and inspiration! Manja

  3. Nilu

    that was so awesome Joel!! I can’t wait to show my little girls(they are asleep right now). What a cool set-up you have for filming it..Any plans of doing a coloring page from your dinosaur sketch…We love all your coloring pages..I love the song and your sisters singing, too! Nilu

    1. Thanks Emily! Yeah, I love coming up with ways to draw things as simple as possible! Challenging to get a good design, but very easy to draw once the design is figured out. Fun!

  4. I am so very happy I stumble upon your website. Say to Lori she has to compose more songs, it was just a lovely song the one of the dinosaurs and the video, very very inspiring, as the whole site. You might like the work of a dutch illustrator, Wouter Van Reek. There are some animations based on his characters, look for Eckstein und Krawinkel in Youtube, You will have a nice surprise. Thanks again for your lovely site. I will keep on touch.

    1. Hi Isabel! Thank you so much for the kind comment. And wow, I love the Wouter Van Reek and Eckstein und Krawinkel! Thanks so much for showing me. I’m going to sit down and watch some of those videos later. Very cool style! Very glad you found my site. Yes, keep in touch!

  5. Jane

    This was such a treat to watch. I love the flow of your drawing, no hesitating. Looks like such fun. Been looking a your site for a while just now stopped to watch the video.–JD