Valentine’s Card Creatures | Kids Craft Printable

I’ve been getting requests for a printable Valentine’s Day project. And I thought it would be cool to make a card that was also a toy. So here are some funny little Valentine’s card creatures. There is a small flap on the back so you can write a secret Valentine’s note underneath. We’ve been having a fun time with them so far. I still want to try coloring some too. Templates are below if you want to try them out. Just print, cut, fold and tape.

As always, if you’d like to share photos of your creatures (or your other Valentine’s craft creations) on the Made by Joel Facebook page, it would be fun to see them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Templates: Click on the images below, then print.

34 Responses
  1. Caroline

    my friends are going to LOVE this when i drop it in there locker oh, and the teachers are gonna kill me for giving people toys!

  2. I am that last minute mommy. Preschool starts in 3 hours. We just printed and my daughter is coloring now. So happy we found you awesome neck ties and now this. I love your site!

  3. ewa

    another intelligent, original and fun idea…

    I have a proposition of toy to propose if you’re interested… mail me!
    It’s in the same perspective than your propositions : simple (very simple “en fait”), fast free (recycle materials), quick to do and printable…

    à bientôt ! (?)

    (sorry but I’m french and not “bilingue”)

    merci pour votre travail et votre imagination
    j’utilise vos idées pour mes enfants et ceux que j’accueille (je suis assistante maternelle)

  4. marianne

    I’ve foolishly been scouring teaching pages for days looking for something inspirational to do with my kindergarten class on motion….then my portland friend sent me this, i need look no further, you are now an ordered (amazon, book depository – UK) part of my teaching repertoire….and my three-year-old’s weekends….we’ll be blogging you soon

  5. Thank you so much for providing these great little creatures. It’s a rainy day down here in Mississippi, and my little girl had so much fun cutting, folding and gluing these little guys. She’s been playing with them nonstop since we finished.