Today it was decided that we needed more people for the dollhouse, so I got out some scrap wood and had the kids draw figures on the pieces. Then I took my woodburner and traced over their drawings and made some “doll blocks”. It was so fast and fun that I had to try making a drawing, too. The dolls really helped spice up the doll house, and the kids had a great time acting out scenes with the characters they made. I also wood burned their names and the date on the bottom of the blocks too, in case they get saved.

If you’ve never tried wood burning, you should give it a whirl. Woodburners and very inexpensive, and it’s a great non-toxic way to decorate wood toys. (You can find out more about woodburner tools on my Favorite Tools page if you’d like.) You could also just draw or paint on the blocks too, which would also be great.

You can buy supplies for this project below! (Made by Joel Shop is powered by The Saturday Market Project)

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    1. Thanks everyone!

      Carissaabc – Awesome house!!! Your dad is definitely a much more skilled woodworker than I am, (which isn’t saying too much, but wow, he’s good.) I actually have detailed directions and measurements for that dollhouse in my book, but looks like he didn’t need it. Oh, and I love the clear tape ceiling art installation your kid made. Awesome!

  1. Sandra

    This is awesome!
    Where are you able to find the wood burner? I am not able to find one in stores. Is it only available online?

    1. I actually found one at Ace Hardware. I’d think most hardware stores should carry them. Sometimes they’re just the same as soldering irons, and they come with wood burning tips. I’m sure you can find one locally. But yeah, you can definitely get one online if you need to.

    2. Shaea

      You can also find wood burning tools at craft stores like Michaels. I found one at Walmart too. Just be sure to check multiple different areas in the store, or ask a store clerk. :)

  2. These are wonderful – I can imagine doing these as a project with children and having them draw characters and self portraits. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Awesome Maiz! I can’t wait to see what you guys make! You should definitely have the boys do some pencil drawings on wood and you can trace it with the burner. Might be a little tricky for them to use, but maybe not. Anyway, it’s pretty fun!

  3. Caroline

    I ***Love*** these dolls and the dollhouse there so adorable I’m gonna ask m dad to make me one like it!

  4. This idea is sooooo cute. This would also be cute to make as a wood burned nativity set using the kids’ drawings. If we do this, I will link back here. Thanks for sharing.