Fun Evening of Collage Art with the Kids

Last night I got out my paper scraps and glue to make a collage gift card for my friend’s birthday party. (He loves Datsun 510 wagons.) And once my kids saw what I was doing, they wanted to join in, too. So I gave them a piece of paper and let them dig through my box of scraps. They were so focussed: searching through the scraps, cutting pieces out, gluing them down, and drawing. Some old turkey craft leftovers were found too, and when those ran out, my son started drawing his own turkeys into his collage. The project kept them busy for a long time, and they ended up with amazing pieces of art. If your kids like stickers, collage can be a fun, creative alternative. Also, a lot less expensive.

I find that stick glue works best. For paper, we used magazine clippings, shopping bags, old painted paper, and whatever else we could find. Give it a try if you’d like!

Happy collaging!

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