Here she is! Born this morning, and everything is wonderful!

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  1. Elina

    Congratulation to you and all your family! This is the nicest thing in the world to have a baby.

  2. tiff

    Congrats!! I can’t believe how my stomach lurched when I saw your post! I don’t even know you (but I suppose I do know parenthood); I just felt so happy for you in that moment. Having a new person join your family is so special…..indescribable, really. God bless your sweet family!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Seeing this makes it hard to believe that our little girl is almost a month old already. Enjoy your little girl — it goes so fast!!

  4. Glad your bag was packed!!! Oh the darling!!! Welcome to the world little one!!! What a lovely family you have found!!! Wishing you all the best and mountains of wonderfulness!!!

  5. Fox

    Good for you all! Lucky to have 3 beautiful kids. We’ll forgive her (for a time) is she effects your posting numbers!

  6. Congratulations!!! For parens and for big brother and a big sister!
    Littel girl, welcome in this world!
    I hope you like it…for sure you are in a good hands!;-)
    Enjoy every moments!

  7. congratulations…. what a lucky wee girl to join such a creatively beautiful family. Happy childhood little one!

    Kind Regards
    Rose (from New Zealand)

  8. Sandra

    Congratulations, that is wonderful! And on my own birthday, too!

    Enjoy your first days together,
    greetings from Germany


  9. We just celebrated the fact that 17 years ago we got a babygirl too on D-Day. Seeing yours makes it even stranger! Where did those 17 years go?? Have a lovelytime together!

  10. KristinB

    Definitly the most beautiful “made by Joel ” I’ve seen :-D Well done!
    Gratulasjoner from Norway!

  11. Congratulations! She’s adorable! She’s a lucky baby to have a dad who will make her all kinds of cool things to play with!