As you know, I love handmade and recyclable activities. In honor of Earth Day, I’ve created this quick coloring sheet. You can print it out on both front and back of the page or why not print it on the backside of existing paper bound for recycling?

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Click here or on the image below to print.

14 Responses
  1. toks visoks

    I actually experience a lack of simple, but beautiful coloring books these days. Something that would not have any kinds of Disney characters in it. It's such a good idea: when in need – make it yourself. I think it will be my new project for my baby cousin! Thank you!

  2. céline

    I agree, we have so much lost the idea that we could make things ourselves… it's a shame! Thanks so much Joel for your beautiful ideas!!!

  3. Raini Spring

    Hey Joel!
    We love you and your work.
    I was wondering if you would make a one page cut out "book" or coloring "book"? It's a regular 8×10 with three horizontal sections that one can cut out then staple together as one folio.

    I guess there would be the double side printing issue, but I'm sure you're smart enough to work that out. Or it could be 2 pages that are glued (paste!) together.

    We love them, and would love one of yours!
    If you're like, WHA?! I can try to clarify.
    Thanks for all you do.

  4. Anna

    I printed this off for my kids to color. My 5 year old LOVED it.

    Did you draw it on the computer or by hand and upload? Either way, I love the simplicity of it.

  5. Joel Henriques

    Thanks Anna. Yes, I just drew it out by hand, then scanned it with my scanner.

    I learned a cool trick awhile back for scanning black and white drawings like this. Set your scanner to Black & White, Tiff, at 1200 dpi, and the image turns out really sharp and crisp. The image will be in bit mode, so change to to grayscale or RGB, then size it down to 300 dpi in a photo editor and save as jpeg or whatever you want. (Probably more info than you want, but maybe someone with find it useful. I know I did.)

  6. Catherine Sykes

    Hi Joel

    I love your style and thank you so much for sharing all your ideas. My kids are benefitting so much:)

    I know you've posted before how to get round having a printer that adds margins to everything – please can you post again because I keep losing the edges of the templates….


  7. Joel Henriques

    Thanks Catherine. And to get it to print without cropping it – it's all about your printing software. Probably look for something that says, borderless printing, or just try to find a "size to fit" option. Good luck!

  8. Anna

    Actually, thanks for extra info. I was looking around today for some flower shapes for my daughter to color and print, but I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I ended up drawing different parts of flowers and letting her color and then cut and paste the flowers. I used a sharpie, but I’m sure there is another pen that would probably be better.

    Do you have a favorite drawing pen that makes nice clean dark lines?