Toy Bench Collaboration with Kids

I recently got to collaborate with 20 kids to create this toy bench for a school auction. I painted designs on the bench with black outline, then they got to paint on it like a big coloring book. The kids were 3-6 years old, so I did a little touching up at the end, but they really did a great job!

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  1. Graciela

    it's great to get kids involved in a way that makes them feel proud in the end. excellent way to shere your many talents!

  2. marisa

    so sweet – i bet every kid will want it, because of the fun memory of working on it with their friends. great idea!

  3. Áurea López

    I am ultra fan of your blog. I love cleaning that you transmit to the time to show your work, your beautiful children. Inspiration filled my head and the head of other parents who I recommend your blog.
    I love everything you do and you have it updated, thank you very much!!.
    Sorry for the confusion, but I translate with google and had seen a herror unforgivable.

  4. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Yeah, it was really fun working on this with all of the kids. They were really excited!

    Áurea López – Thanks! Very kind of you! I'm happy you found my blog!

  5. hopeyt

    I am sure you were able to raise some good money at the auction with this piece – it is awesome!

  6. Emma

    Dear Joel, Inspired by you I started some more paper activity for my son – please pop by and see it if you can. What an inspiration your blog is!

  7. Kristina

    Love it! I also love that there is a dip in the front so the kids can't pinch their fingers. Brilliant!

  8. New kitchen cabinets

    Truly amazing creativity…!!! Just loved the work here…!!! And the color combination is so refreshing…!!!

    God Bless…!!!

  9. Nutella Nutterson

    What sorts of paints did you use on the bench? Did you seal it when done?

    I love the intensity of colors and the bold, graphic style you and the kids created!

  10. Joel Henriques

    Nutella – Some of the paints were just tempera, then I also used non-toxic Acrylic paints by A2 Chroma (which are brighter color, and better quality. You can find more info for those if you click on the "favorite tools" image on the side of this blog.) Then I used a non-toxic Crystal Urethane by Timber Pro Coatings to seal it and protect all of the paint. It's really great stuff!