Box Pull Toys in Nido Magazine

Nido Magazine featured my box pull toys in their March issue. I just received my copy in the mail yesterday. I love the lead photo they got of the toys! So great. Even though I can’t read German, I love looking through this stylish magazine. Lots of great design. Thanks Nido!

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  1. r8chel

    Cool! Did you ship your toys to them so they could photograph them, or did they set up a photo shoot in the US, or did they make their own?? I'm curious how that works.

  2. Zapperlott

    Oh Joel, Congrats! I have to grab an issue immediatly!
    I love your ideas :) My daughter (she gets 3 in May) always plays with her invisible cat or dog ;)


  3. Paul & Paula

    I have just been in Germany with the kids to visit granny and picked up a copy of NIDO and tada… Joel and his creations.
    was so fun to see you there :)
    ANd I like that idea of course…

  4. Sandra Warth

    I actually have a subscription for the Nido, and I love all the great ideas and articles they have, but I was REALLY surprised to open it up this time and see "Made By Joel" staring out at me – so great! Congratulations!

  5. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody!

    r8chel – I shot the step-by-step photos, and then they shot the main photo. They were going to have me ship the toys to them, but it was too expensive, so they just made their own versions. I was amazed at how similar they were able to make them! And the photo they got was awesome.

  6. Anonymous

    I'm following your blog for some time now and bought the copy of Nido some weeks ago … I was kind of waiting for this post … great work and especially ideas!

  7. Angelo mamos puslapis


    I live in Germany. I hope I will still get the copy of this issue.
    Best wishes,