I’ve been painting this week for an art show I have next month. Here’s one I just finished this morning. Stripes were inspired by my Paul Smith socks.

Update: Some people have asked about prints for this painting, so I’ve just added it to the Zazzle store. You can buy prints in different sizes, with archival inks, on paper or even canvas. Here is the link. (The default size print is 31×23 inches, printed on matte paper with archival ink for $29.95.)

The original painting is 36X48 inches. Acrylic on canvas. For those in the Portland area, the art show is at the Daily Cafe in the Pearl. My art (6 paintings and one mobile) will be shown for the month of March. If anyone is interested in the reception details, give me an email.

22 Responses
  1. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Yeah, Paul Smith stripes are a happy thing!

    And yes, it's my birthday! Thanks. 38 years!

  2. agnès

    bonjour, Monsieur,
    j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites et mon mari qui fait du vélo adore vos peinture de vélo.
    j'éspère que vous parlez le français car je ne parle pas anglais… nous aimons faire vos bricolages avec les enfants, ils trouvent ça génial.
    continuez, c'est super (it's wonderfull…)

  3. I Live in an Antbed

    Love it! Would love those socks, too. I have some kiddos who would live in a pair of socks that looked like that.

  4. Emily

    I would buy a print of this for our playroom. Or for the workshop in the garage where my husband works on his bike. It's fantastic!

  5. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Prints are now available. I updated the post with the info!

    Merci agnès, très bon!

    nina_bÅ‚Ä™kitna – Ha! Yes, this bike has a top of the line, invisible chain!

  6. Joel Henriques

    Figliuluccia – Thanks for the nice compliment! I love vintage bicycles. I was looking at a British 1930 Norman bicycle when I painted this one.

  7. pieface

    Yay! Love the daily cafe! What a fun show. Hopefully it will be the first thrusday reception because i would love to come check it out.

  8. kim

    I ordered a print of this and it arrived today… I LOVE it, it will be key to help me get through the remainder of my New Hampshire winter!

  9. Joel Henriques

    Thanks kim! I ordered one too, and just got it in the mail. It turned out really well! The colors were extremely accurate. Nice!

    Thanks again!