I loved felt boards when I was a kid, and when looking at some felt the other day, I thought it would be fun to make a simple felt board designed for babies. Infants, with their developing eyes, love to focus on high contrast shapes, so I used black and light cream for my felt colors. But you could create more colorful shapes, and even a bigger board, if your child is older.

To make one, just find some cardboard. (Non-corrugated works best, like a shoebox, cereal box, or back of a sketch pad.) My cardboard measured 12×6 inches. Then cut two pieces of felt that are the same size, and glue them to each side of the cardboard. (I used non-toxic stick glue.) Press it under some heavy books while the glue dries. Then cut out some shapes! My shapes were about 4 inches tall.

For infants, I would just hold the board in front of them, and show them how the pieces can move and stick. Let them feel the soft felt, etc. Even leave it propped up somewhere in their room for them to look at. When they get older, they can develop their motor skills by placing the pieces on the board themselves. Fun!

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  1. pieface

    This would be so great strapped to the top rail of a crib where the baby could just stare and keep themselves entertained, allowing for the parents to have some glorious additional minutes of sleep. I repeat: EXTRA MINUTES OF SLEEP! I might alert the committee for nobel peace prize nominations.
    All hail Joel!!

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, I didn't get it…
    The felt is glued to the cardboard, right?
    But how the shapes stick to the felt?


  3. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody!

    pieface – When our twins were infants, I LOVED extra minutes of sleep!

    Anonymous – Yes, it seems crazy, but the felt just sticks to the felt by itself. I don't know the physics behind it, but it works! It's not super sticky (you can shake it off), but it works really well. Cool!

  4. kelly

    This is a great idea.

    I linked to you today – we made our own paper city (kind of) but used toilet roll inserts.