I’ve been busy with a lot of art commissions lately. If you’d like a look, here are some images of a wire sculpture I’ve been working on this week. I designed a logo for a restaurant here in Portland, and am also making them this 5 foot long metal wire sculpture to hang from their ceiling. It’s not finished yet, but I’m having fun building it.

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  1. Katie

    I really like this. I don't have anything witty to say about it. I just like it. Makes me wish I was still living in the Portland area so I could go see it in person when it's finished.

  2. Joel Henriques


    I Live in an Antbed – Ha, yes. I'm sorry to say that I use my dumbbells for anvils, not working out. Although bending this thick wire is pretty good exercise.

  3. Lori Henriques

    LOVE the logo! and for them to feature a marvelous sculpture form of it is incredible. did they think of that? sounds like a great place, too.

  4. cristina

    Wow, that line logo in amazing!
    I've posted the Science Fair photos
    at my place. We had so much fun tonight.
    The Movie Wheel and the Bird Thaumatropes
    were a huge hit!

  5. Zill.y

    Looks great! I've said that before, but will repeat myself: love the simplicity in your creations.

    Btw, Where is this place? We're planning on heading down to Portland this spring. Any ideas on 'must see' places? I'd appreciate any hint.


  6. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone!

    Lori – The wire idea popped up in the discussion, and I honestly can't remember if it was me or them that suggested it. ha. I guess it was a natural evolution.

    Zill.y – This restaurant will be in the Pearl District. I'll give more updates on it later. But yeah, so many great streets to visit in Portland. Mississippi, Alberta, Hawthorne, Downtown, Pearl District, 23rd. You'll just have to explore!

    cristina – Just checked out the science fair photos. Cool!!

  7. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody!

    Moitreyee – Those sculptures the kids made are wonderful!! I love the mixture of wood, wire, and colorful beads. Thanks for showing me!

  8. Amanda Hagood

    Oh, one of my friends had a hanger like this for her wedding dress that said "mrs so-and-so". love this kinda stuff! very nice :)