Liz over at Say Yes to Hoboken invited me to do a craft for her BlogNog Holiday Series. She did a great job organizing a fantastic collection of holiday crafts, so keep your eye out over there for more BlogNog posts. For mine, I decided to make these reindeer cards!

My kids love it when we give them the task of decorating a card for someone. It gives them a big sense of pride and importance. So for the holidays this year I made a reindeer card that could be part card and part toy. The kids ended up wanting to keep the ones they made, but that’s ok, we’ll make more!

If you want to try them out there is a template below that you can print. (I recommend using a thick paper.) Fold in half on the dotted lines, cut around the edges and decorate. Then write a holiday greeting if you’d like to give it to someone. Happy Holidays!

Click on the image below, then print.

26 Responses
  1. Paul & Paula

    Happy Holidays to you too…
    Here in The Netherlands the kids big event, Sinterklaas, with big presents etc is already on Sunday… Yes Sunday, only 4 1/2 days away…
    Cute card, my daughter loves to decorate cards or presents as well!

  2. Vanessa/NessieNoodle

    these are fantastic!
    thanks for sharing. I think a few of these printed out and colored by my little guy will be just perfect for family.

  3. Michele Pacey

    Hi Joel,

    I don't know where I heard of your work first but I've decided it's probably wise to keep track of it in a more concerted way. i really like what you do. this post is no exception. thanks for the inspiration. i have a brother named joel. not you. you're not my brother.

  4. earth sky sea

    added these to my blog under FREE ACTIVITIES
    earth sky sea child is about Ideas for children that are in tune with the environment and our natural world.

  5. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everyone! I love seeing all of your fantastic reindeer cards!!

    visoda – That fishing game with the paper clips is a great idea! I must try that out! Thanks for showing me.

  6. allanca

    oh it's a good simple idea…tomorrow, i don't work and maybe i will propose to my son to decorate the back of our christmas tree with many little reindeers!!!