Last week I made this wooden catapult toy. I was originally going to have it toss paper balls but thought it would be cool to sew some instead. (Similar to the yo-yo balls I made awhile back.) It worked really well. The kids both had a real kick trying to make a basket. I made each ball have slightly different weight, so you have to adjust your technique to get them in. If you want to see it in action, check out the video below!

20 Responses
  1. infinitemonkeytheroy

    it was a big hit with the grommet, near as we can tell. thanks for making it! it'll be one of those toys he'll keep forever.

  2. Stephane

    "Insanely cool." I have to agree with that assessment. Oh, to have this amount of imagination supported by this amount of ability . . . !

  3. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids

    Super fun – and how smart to make the balls different weights to make the game more challenging. You just think of everything :)

  4. Kira

    I just found your blog because a friend posted a link to this post on Facebook. So many craft blogs are all done by women…it's so cool to see one by a crafty MAN! Crafty men are the best! (I'm a bit biased because I'm married to one)
    I'm loving your projects and am delving into the blog's back-entries! Your work is inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  5. Inge

    I love your ideas, design and Daddy perspective! Great work! I just found your site last night. I really enjoy it! Having three boys, it will be fun to try some of these ideas! Thank you and keep it going!

  6. I’ve always loved everything kids! I found your site last night, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of you before! I know I’ve seen your elephant print, but truly this is the most fun site I’ve found in a long time! I’ve got to say this Catapult Toy makes me want to be a kid again, or at least just act like one. Luckily, I’m surrounded by children so I really don’t need an excuse.