There were some warm, windy days last week and many sticks were blowing off the trees into the yard.  We had the spur of the moment idea to try making a kite.  So we gathered a few sticks, cut some thick paper, got out the tape and string and in ten minutes we had a kite!  I was really surprised to see that it actually flew.  The best part was the kids’ excitement; the building and especially the flying.  Their favorite thing to do was chase after me while I ran with the kite.  Look at those faces!

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  1. Diāna

    Joel, you're a doll! I always always always wanted to make a kite for my kids but thought you had to have a degree in ingeneering, at the very least, to accomplish such a complicated feast. But this seems easy! I guess all the other kite-builders just make it sound so incredibly hard so that they would have all the more credit for it. ;)

  2. Paul & Paula

    haha, the last picture is very cool… I love to see my kids all excited and happy as well…
    the eyes are shining and the mouth is wide with a smile!
    cool project, simple and quick… and Amsterdam is always windy…!

  3. ayearabovetheshop

    It is lovely! I like the tail feathers best, they show the impromtu/spur of the moment process. These projects are often the best aren't they?

  4. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Yes, definitely try this out! It's a lot easier than I was expecting.

    jfidz – That link is great! Looks like those would fly really well! Must try that out. Thanks!

  5. From Malaysia

    This might be a silly question, but how do you get the kite up in the air. I tried it with my kids and we could not get it up. Not that it really mattered to them, they just ran around with it. Just in future I would like to fly a kite.


  6. Joel Henriques

    Running with the kite was my kids' favorite part too. Maybe it wasn't windy enough when you flew yours. It needs to be a very windy day.

  7. Tagan Engel

    HI Joel, great kite! on a recent windy day my 6 year old son and I made a kite with an old bandanna, some thick floral wire and tape. It was one of those "mommy I need to make this right now" projects, so not the best materials, but it worked for a bit. He wanted a really big kite, but I think your smaller version would have been a better idea though. I wanted to let you know about this cool site we found recently. It is all about creating stuff out of recycled materials and tape, which is a daily event in our house. This guy took it to a new level, and I find it inspiring. Your creations are certainly more artistic, but thought you'd find some inspiration here none the less. congrats on all your success!

  8. Joel Henriques

    Hi Tagan. I know what you mean about those "make it now" projects. That's the best way to get stuff done sometimes!

    The looledo link looks awesome! Some very cool ideas on there. I've added it to my bookmarks. Thanks!!!

  9. Picnic under the orange tree

    WOW! That looks great and like a lot of fun! My kids and I also love to play with kites as well!

  10. Casa e Cose

    I want to make a kite! That is great! Where has my head been stuck? I mean I live right infront of the beach! Excellent things you do and its almost all recycled. Super!