Design Festival in Poland

Made by Joel toys are currently on display in a fun design exhibition in Krakow, Poland. It’s part of the Design Attack Festival and will run through the month of November. The exhibition is about socially engaged design, aesthetic education of children and 3R rules (reduce, reuse, recycle) in design. A very gracious person, Anna, set the whole thing up and prepared all of the crafts and took the photos. If you’d like, there is more to see here on Anna’s blog. It looks so fun. I wish I could have been there for the opening.

17 Responses
  1. Jo

    How nice! I have seen that fotos before and I thought "Is that Joels' job, here in Poland? Is that possible?" The world is so small isn't it? Welcome to Poland, Joel :)

  2. origanimal

    espero te vaya bien durante la exhibición.
    mucha suerte :)

    I hope everthing go fine in the exhibition!!

  3. Kickcan and Conkers

    Congratulations Joel. Really great to see your work enjoying so much success.
    (nice activity for kireei too!)

  4. polwig

    That is wonderful… I am from Krakow and have tons of family and friends there… letting them know right now about the show… YEAH !!! CONGRATS !!