A few days ago I made these little puppets with paper clips and cardboard.  The kids were really coming up with some entertaining stories for them.  If you want to try it out, they’re very simple to make.  First, bend the middle of a paper clip so it stands up.  Then cut out the puppets, making sure the corrugated cardboard holes are vertical.  Paint or color the puppets.  Now slide the paper clip through the holes of the cardboard puppet.  (Just push it firmly into the cardboard.  It holds very nicely.)  Now play!  I’d like to make some cars and trucks like this too!

24 Responses
  1. Paul & Paula

    great great great!
    will try it out asap with my kids!!!

    love from amsterdam

    like the photos a lot as well…

  2. Anonymous

    You are a genious :) Brilliant ideas – I always look forward to seeing what you invent next! Simple and brilliant.

    Love Vibs, Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Very kind.

    Kevin – I use non-toxic acrylic paints by A2 Chroma. They're really great.

  4. se7en

    Hay as usual you are full of such wonderful style!!! My kids made little animals like these a while back and played with them on a tray with magnets underneath the tray. Little apparently "hands-free" beasts. Very fun!!!

  5. polwig

    What a cute idea…you can make whoever you choose to… plus I bet later they can make a great bookmark too

  6. Lia

    I love these. They are so simple and can be made for practically nothing. I will be making these with my elementary school students and my own kids as well.
    You're the best!

  7. Lori Henriques

    darling! the little lion reminds me of the tiny sculpture from grandma henriques. . . lovely. :)

  8. handmade romance

    AWESOME! now to find me some kids or perhaps this is a good way to brighten my desk at work ; )

  9. arrosoir

    I pass and I feast regularly here, I think I have never taken the time to leave a trace … but this time, it becomes necessary!
    thank you for this wealth of ideas and objects that demonstrate simple and beautiful as rich as the relationship you have with your children, the transmission of the interest to create rather than buying, your talent. And thank you for your children to lend themselves well to this game