The London based company, Made in Me, has invited me to design some toys with them.  They are a fantastic group of people who focus on creating “interactive experiences that inspire kids to play and learn.”   I’ve already begun working on some wooden toys for them. Below there are a couple photos of me working on prototypes in my shop. I’ll definitely let everyone know when they become available.  In the meantime you can check out their interactive world, Land of Me, (see below) which is amazing.  You can download the first chapter for free if you want to try it out.

24 Responses
  1. James

    I can tell you, no one is more excited about this than we are. We're all massive Joel fans and can't wait to show everyone what happens when you mix a bit of Joel magic with The Land of Me and some wood… :)

  2. Christina

    So thrilled for you. You have such exquisite talent. I greedily come back every time you post: eager for another idea to occupy my little ones as the summer unwinds…thank you!

  3. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody! Yeah, I'm really excited to get more toys out into the world!

    James – It's really fun working with you guys. This is going to be great!

  4. Collin

    They made a great choice. I quietly follow your blog and admire your skill. Good luck in toy development process.

  5. Cath @ chunkychooky

    It is about time someone started paying you for your extreme brilliance!!! that is such great ness and it looks to be a perfect fit! Congrats!