I was digging around in my box of vintage wood scraps, and decided to make some little figures with a few of the small colorful pieces.  We used paint pens to draw on them, so it was an easy way to make a fun set of dolls to play with.

And look at this great set that my son made.  He colored them with regular makers, then wanted to make playground “slides” for them to go down.  He drew the slides on a sheet of paper and set them all up.  What a great art installation.

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  1. Jill

    Oh how cool!!! My mind immediately tried to think of where I've seen those pegs before, they seem so familiar – a little hammer, pegs, little workbench. I introduced my son, Joel, to your blog. He loved it. He's an artist, too.

  2. Mary Beth

    Love, love, love! I particularly love that the child made his own set as well. Family crafting is awesome.

  3. pakosta

    just found your blog through another blog I read, and I have to tell you HOW AMAZING your blog is! so inspiring!! I love all your crafts and pictures! your kids are adorable too!
    tara pollard pakosta

  4. Lori Henriques

    oh my. i LOVE how you captured jack drawing his slides. fantastic! and your dolls totally made me think of the alexander girard collection. :)

  5. SewnNatural

    the dolls are great! i have some old pieces of wood I've avoided using as I've wondered if they might have lead paint on them… your post makes me think I could easily take some newer wood scraps and give them a (new & safe) rough paint job and use them similarly.

  6. Colombo

    I remember a toy with similar cylindrically shaped characters and they would go into holes in a wood block that had springs inside them. They'd bounce up and down on the springs or you could push em all the way down and then let them snap up into the air a few inches. Good fun :)

  7. inadvertent farmer

    First time visiting and am completely enchanted! Just north of you in SW Washington. Enjoy the sunshine and the inspiration that it brings (at least to us gardener types)! Kim

  8. Katharina

    They are great. Oh your kids have so many lovely things to play with. I'm sure they are never borred.

    Wish you a nice day.

  9. Joel Henriques

    Thank you for all of the great comments everybody!

    Colombo – I think I remember something like that too, now that you mention it. I should try and think of something with springs for these. Cool.

  10. mama ring

    i love that you include your kids' versions of projects. sometimes it's hard for me to let go of my idea of how a project is supposed to turn out, in favor letting my kids have more creative control.

    i was also really excited to see the pirate dog pajams. i've got a fussy dresser, and that's one of his few tolerated outfits!

  11. Joel Henriques

    Thanks everybody!

    mama ring – I know what you mean about letting go of your vision. I'm always amazed at what the kids can come up with!

  12. Kathy

    Just found your blog Joel and I LOVE IT! I want to make everything and share your blog with everyone!
    Can't wait to see your book. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Codruta

    what a great idea, there is so much to learn from you Joel, amazing

    hugs to you and your lovely family from Romania

  14. Rachel

    These little people are so cute! And they look like a ton of fun! I know adding people to block play will help my daughter play more with her brother. She's into dolls and he's into building – what a great blend!