One of my favorite vintage vinyl bags ripped, so I decided to take it apart and make an iPad case out of it.  I have enough scraps left over to make a little handle bag too. Glad I didn’t throw it away!

I’ve actually designed quite a few toys by sketching on the iPad.  It’s so fun to draw with.  Here are a couple of the drawings.

9 Responses
  1. Jessica (Stars and Clouds)

    Hi Joel!

    Just wanted to say that I really love reading your blog! Very inspiring!

  2. Claralily###

    hy ! I love your blog, and your creats. It's very funny!
    It's very original …

    A fan, who don't know speak english very well ^^

  3. Lauren

    Hi Joel, love your blog! Quick Ipad question: when you sketch in Adobe Ideas is it a vector image (compatible with illustrator)?

  4. Joel Henriques


    Lauren – Yes, Adobe Ideas is in vector, so you can scale it to whatever size you want when you import it to photoshop or illustrator. I've done drawings for shirts that get screen printed and everything. It's cool.